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Yellow Floating Heart


General Description:It is an aquatic, bottom-rooted perennial with long branched stolons extending up to 3 feet or more and creeping rhizomes. Leaves are on stalks and are floating on the water’s surface. Flowers are on stalks and grow just above the water’s surface.

Flower Description: Flowers are stalked and are solitary or in clusters up to 5. Flowers have 5 sepals, 5 petals and 5 stamens. Petals are yellow and have fringed edges

Leaf Description: Leaves are floating, heart shaped, frequently purplish underneath, slightly wavy, and have shallowly scalloped margins. They are alternately arranged on stolons and oppositely arranged on flower stems.

Stem Description:

Fruit/Seed Description: The fruit is a capsule about 1 inch long and contains numerous flat, oval seeds.



Interesting Facts:

Yellow floating heart is a popular garden ornamental that appears to be an aggressive grower, forming dense mats of vegetation in water. It negatively impacts fish and wildlife habitat, recreation activities and water quality.