Bingham County Weed Department
The goal of the Bingham County Weed Department is to achieve quality vegetation management, therefore; preserving the value of properties and the great outdoors. To accomplish this we coordinate with the State and local property owners as well as other counties and government.

Our main responsibility is to manage the Bingham County roadsides for invasive (noxious) weeds, this will help maintain a healthy road shoulder with desireable grasses. This will also help in limiting roadside obstructions and minimize fire fuels. 

Have a weed/plant you would like to have identified as wells as obtaining methods of control here is what to do:

For further information on weeds and identification go to:

Noxious Weeds of Idaho - Glossary

Black Henbane
Bohemian Knotweed
Brazilian Elodea
Canada Thistle
Common Crupina
Common/European Frogbit
Common Reed
Curlyleaf Pondweed
Dalmation Toadflax
Diffuse Knapweed
Dyer's Woad
Eurasian Watermilfoil
Feathered Mosquito Fern
Field Bindweed
Flowering Rush
Giant Hogweed
Giant Knotweed
Giant Salvinia
Hoary Alyssum
Hoary Cress
Japanese Knotweed
Jointed Goatgrass
Leafy Spurge
Meadow Hawkweed
Meadow Knapweed
Mediterranean Sage


Idaho State Noxious 
Weed Law

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