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Syrian Beancaper


General Description: Syrian bean-caper is a succulent perennial, forming a compact multi-branched shrub that may reach three feet tall and spread three feet in diameter.

Flower Description: Flowers are single and are on short stalks. Each has five green sepals and five petals that are white to cream with salmon-colored markings. Ten orange stamens extend past the petals.

Leaf Description: Leaves are opposite and composed of two leaflets. They are thick, leathery, fleshy and glabrous (smooth and hairless).

Stem Description: Stems are branched, either growing along the ground or somewhat upright, and are hairless.

Fruit/Seed Description: Seeds are in a 5-celled capsule that is oblong and hangs down on the plant.




Interesting Facts:

Syrian bean-caper is a threat to agriculture and can form infestations that outcompete native plant species.