Bingham County Prosecutor

The Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney is a full time, county elected position of 4 years.  The Prosecuting Attorney is the top law enforcement official for Bingham County, and by law, is the legal advisor to the Board of County Commissioners and all elected officials of Bingham County.

The Bingham Prosecuting Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felony and juvenile crimes that have occurred within Bingham County, as well as other misdemeanor crimes which occur in the county and outside of a City jurisdiction.  The Prosecutors Office works with all law enforcement agencies within Bingham County including Bingham County Sheriff’s Office, City of Blackfoot Police Department, Shelley City Police Department, Aberdeen City Police Department, Idaho State Police, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and Idaho Department of Transportation as well as other State Agencies who investigate crimes against the citizens and State of Idaho.  The Prosecutor’s Office provides services to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Child Protection Services. Along with relative services of guardianships or conservatorships, probate for indigent and involuntary mental commitment procedures.  

The responsibilities of the Prosecutor’s Office are multi-faceted. Significant in accomplishing our many roles is a dedicated team of professionals.  Every member of the team, attorneys and legal assistants / victim witness coordinators, performs a valuable function in the legal process. Striving to achieve justice for the people of Bingham County and to be responsive to the needs and concerns of those impacted by crime in our community.

Our Mission and Values

Have open lines of communication with all Department heads to educate and aid in meeting their needs. Providing quality, timely and proactive legal services to the Board of Commissioners and all County departments, to minimize the County’s exposure to legal liability. 

Opening the lines of communication with law enforcement, providing proactive advice and training to aid in the effective investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

Effectively prosecute criminals while pursuing sentences which hold them accountable for their actions an address their individual needs while protecting the community.

Promote the fair, impartial and expeditious pursuit of justice.

Promote and insure safe communities.